01. We are Mignow

The Future is already happening

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.02 MIG Conversion

Update your SAP ECC to SAP S4HANA

The first software capable of analyzing the customer database and performing the automatic conversion, using Artificial Intelligence tools.

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Keep your SAP S/4 HANA updated.

Performs SAP S/4 HANA updates automatically.The user gains new features: Agility, improvement in project executions and a better return to the investment made in the ERP.

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A technological analysis tool!

Performs a series of validations in the SAP ECC environment, to predict problems in future conversions reducing risks and time.

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.05 About Mignon

How to simplify with MIGNOW?

The migration challenge involves skilled labor, time and associated costs. With our solution, about 80% of the migration process goes from being manual to being automated.

  • The best efficiency

    Day, night and weekends without breaks.

  • Reduced cost

    MIGNOW does the work of at least 10 people.

  • Reduced efforts

    Speed running 4-5 times faster.

  • Stop the failures

    Delivery with 100% accuracy.

  • Better team performance

    Team focused on activities that add value

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MIGNOW customers

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Through our optimized set of tools, MIGNOW is the fastest, most economical and safest way to convert.

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