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Our Cookies Policy is intended to inform you how we treat any personal data collected through Cookies, and provide instructions on how to configure the management of these cookies. 

Attention! This Politics should be read in conjunction with our Privacy Policy


1.1 Definition and functionalities of cookies 

Cookies are files installed and/or stored on a user's device that allow certain data and information to be collected for various purposes.  

Depending on the website visited and the service used, cookies are intended to enable the page or a specific function to work properly, without storing personal data. 

In addition, cookies can manage payments or allow the storage of information about your browsing history in your browser, content preferences, preferred language, the durability of your browsing on the pages and even make it possible to register. In these cases, information may be collected. 

1.2 Our usage purposes 

Now that you have understood what cookies are and what they are used for, we want to explain objectively why we use them: 

  • To maintain the operation of our platform and some necessary functionalities; 
  • To provide the best user experience for our users, making our applications easier and more personalized according to their location, language, etc; 
  • To provide more relevant ads according to your behavior on our site. 


As we explained above, cookies can have various purposes. 

Below, we list the main types of cookies and their definitions: 

Types of Cookies Definitions 
Cookie ownership  FIRST-PARTY COOKIES Defined by us directly for our platform. - This includes information such as login credentials, preferred language, etc. 
THIRD-PARTY COOKIES Created by a domain other than the one the owner is visiting. - They derive from the functionalities of other pages incorporated into our platform, such as the display of advertisements and videos. 
Need NECESSARY COOKIES They allow users to browse our site. - They do not store information that could be used to communicate our services. 
COOKIES NOT REQUIRED They relate to non-essential features of our platform. - Used to track behavior, measure page performance and display ads, etc. 
Storage period  SESSION AND TEMPORARY COOKIES Configured to collect and store information while the user is accessing a website. - They are discarded after the session has ended, i.e. after the user closes the browser. - They store information that is only relevant to the provision of a service requested by users or for a specific temporary purpose. - Example: list of products in a shopping cart. 
PERSISTENT COOKIES - They store data for a period defined by the platform, which can last only while the user is browsing, or configured to store data for a longer time. - When we use this type of cookie, your data will only be stored to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected. 


3.1 Necessary cookies 

Name/Ownership Purpose Duration 
_GRECAPTCHA / GOOGLE Cookie used to identify bots to protect the site against malicious spam attacks. 6 months 

3.2 Cookies not required  

3.2.1 Functional 

Name/Ownership Purpose Duration 
__CF_BM (.VIMEO.COM)  It is used to manage and collect tracking information, defining a unique ID for embedding videos on the site. 30 minutes 
TESTE_COOKIE /  .DOUBLECLICK.NET  Used to determine whether the user's browser supports cookies. 15 minutes 

3.2.2 Analytics 

Name/Ownership Purpose Duration 
_GA_* / GOOGLE ANALYTICS Used to store and count page views. 1 year and 4 months  
_GA / GOOGLE ANALYTICS  Used to calculate visitor, session and campaign data and track site usage for analytics reporting. 1 year and 4 months  
_GCL_AU /  .MIG-NOW.COM  Used to test the advertising efficiency of sites that use our services. 3 months 

3.3 Third-party cookies 

Name/Ownership Purpose Duration 
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE/ YOUTUBE  Used to measure user interaction with content. 6 months 
YSC / YOUTUBE Used to track and count the views of videos embedded in YouTube pages. session 
YT-REMOTE-CONNECTED-DEVICES / YOUTUBE Used to store the user's video preferences. session 
YT.INNERTUBE::NEXTID/ YOUTUBE   Used to register a unique ID to store data on which YouTube videos the user has viewed. session 
YT.INNERTUBE::REQUESTS/ YOUTUBE  Used to register a unique ID to store data on which YouTube videos the user has viewed. session 
YT-REMOTE-DEVICE-ID/ YOUTUBE  Used to store the user's video preferences. session 
CONSENT / YOUTUBE  Used to record anonymous statistical data. 2 years  

It is important for you to know that these third parties may collect and use browsing data for their own purposes, so if you want to know how your data and information will be used, go to the third party's Privacy Policy. 

You can disable these cookies by following the steps in the next section. 


You can visit our website freely without activating the use of cookies not required, however, we would just like to point out that, in this case, you may not be able to make full use of all the features of our platform. 

Please note that you can change permissions, block or refuse Cookies which are based exclusively on your consent - in your browser via the options available in the cookie bannerwith the exception of the strictly necessary

But it is important that you know that by authorizing these cookies, you are helping us to get to know you and understand you better. After all, our goal will always be to provide you with a unique experience! 

If cookies were installed when you entered our website and you subsequently choose to deactivate them, please note that: 

You can also delete cookies that have already been installed via your browser settings! 

Below, we explain how this happens depending on the browser used: 

Browser Related links 
Internet Explorer  
Google Chrome 
Microsoft Edge 


We reiterate that this site is intended for users who are interested in our services or products.  

And what does that mean?  

It is your full responsibility, as a user and/or customer, to read, understand and accept the contents of this document before registering for any of the resources available on our site. 

We recommend that you consult our Policies regularly to check that you still agree to its terms before proceeding with browsing, registering or subscribing to any resource. 

If you still have questions about this, even after reading this Policy and our Privacy Policy, please contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO)by e-mail:<>.  

Last updated: August 2023.