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Transforming internal processes: The benefits of training employees in the use of SAP for the organization

  • June 25, 2024
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São Paulo, May 2024 – Digital Transformation permeates many aspects of our daily lives. From simple tasks to the most complex, digitalization shapes the way we live, work and relate. In the corporate world it is no different. Technology plays a crucial role, automating processes, centralizing information and facilitating resource management.

In this scenario, SAP, a global leader in business management systems, is not left behind. Constantly evolving, it integrates technologies such as artificial intelligence and IoT to offer more and more innovation. However, to fully take advantage of these capabilities, adequate user preparation is essential. An SAP study showed that S/4HANA, the new version of the software, can reduce system-related working time by up to 70%, in addition to reducing the error rate by almost zero and increasing employee productivity by 44%.

The Importance of Employee Training

Tiago Henrique Feltrin, Director of Technology & Digital at Hypera Pharma, says that one of the organization's main concerns regarding migration was the adaptation of employees. Because of this, the migration is being done gradually so that everyone can enjoy the advantages. “The more technological environment is beneficial to employees, as it provides better performance. The new tool allows us, for example, to centralize processes and opens up space for updating our own culture. But it is important to take into account the adaptation process of employees, who must be trained for this change, in addition to bringing these updates to our organizational culture”, highlights the director.

Paulo Secco, CEO and founder of Mignow, a market leader in SAP upgrades that carried out the Hypera Pharma migration, comments on the development of Miglearning. This tool was created to train employees in the use of SAP. “Miglearning was born out of educational need. We are committed to ensuring that employees make the most of the resources offered by SAP. The tool not only empowers users to use the system more efficiently, but also adds value to the final delivery to the customer, providing a more prepared and competitive organization”, highlights Secco.

Benefits of SAP for the Organization

In its new system, SAP provides quick and clear analysis of indicators such as order processing time and consistency between invoices and orders. Furthermore, the document approval process can now be done via application, making the operation easier. Migrating to S/4HANA represents an opportunity to optimize internal processes and align with market demands.

However, this transition often faces challenges, especially when it comes to employees adapting to new interfaces and functionalities. According to SAP, the use of a new system can cause a drop of up to 20% in production efficiency, due to user problems with the software, which highlights the need for training.

Challenges and Solutions in Training

Users may need adaptations to Fiori, the new S/4HANA interface and modules, due to the complexity and constant evolution of the software. “An employee accustomed to SAP GUI, from ECC, realizes the need to update their knowledge when faced with Fiori, feeling challenged by the differences and motivated to explore new functionalities”, explains Marcel Nakazawa, Head of COE at Mignow and creator from the project.

To address this challenge, Miglearning offers regularly updated supporting materials, allowing users to track changes and interpret information effectively. This helps with important steps such as running reports to assess inconsistencies and their context. Furthermore, the tool offers a step-by-step guide for different types of situations, not only in the conversion stage, but also throughout the process of using SAP. “Miglearning acts as a guide for users, helping them to contextualize changes and interpret information independently”, concludes the expert.

The Need to Stay Updated

It is worth noting that remaining in the old system implies the loss of valuable resources. SAP focuses its efforts on improving new functionality, such as CA indicator reporting, on technologies such as Fiori or SAQ, rather than on its legacy reports. Being up to date allows you to absorb new tasks that can be carried out in a simplified way through the software.

Paulo Secco highlights the updates that were made to Fiori reports in the latest version released in November 2023. He highlights that it was common to access three reports in SAP Gui, while a single report in Fiori provides the same information. Furthermore, it highlights the graphical improvement of reports, allowing the creation of pie or column charts, something that was not possible before.

Preparation and Competitiveness

By investing in employee training and adopting tools such as Miglearning, organizations can face the challenges of Digital Transformation with confidence and ensure a competitive and sustainable future. Continuing education and familiarization with technological innovations not only increase the efficiency of internal processes, but also prepare the workforce to quickly adapt to market changes.

Organizations that are dedicated to training their employees in the use of SAP ensure that each team member is well equipped to use the system's tools and functionalities effectively. This, in turn, increases overall productivity and quality of operations, providing a more collaborative and dynamic work environment.

Success Stories and Real Impact

The effectiveness of the software has been proven in large projects with companies such as Votorantim, Localiza and Pague Menos, in addition to carrying out the fastest migration in the world in just 18 days for the construction company RFM. “Mignow’s AI identifies errors and bugs in the client’s system and proposes automatic solutions, which drastically reduces project time,” explains Nakazawa. Furthermore, the software performs the conversion of Custom Codes in an automated way, with the possibility of reducing manual intervention to just 1% or up to 0.5%.

Future Innovations and the Role of Mignow

The executive also highlights the use of other OpenAI APIs to create a pioneering and exclusive resource from Mignow that extracts, reviews and corrects codes autonomously, further optimizing resources. Mignow is not limited to the use of GPT Chat. MigMentor, a tool in development that will use Chat GPT to provide information about internal processes and technical terms, both to the team and to customers. “This highlights Mignow’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of Digital Transformation, exploring new technologies and resources that appear on the market”, concludes Nakazawa.


How can training employees in the use of SAP benefit my organization? Training employees in the use of SAP can increase productivity, reduce errors and optimize internal processes. This allows the organization to quickly adapt to market changes and maintain competitiveness.

What are the main challenges in migrating to SAP S/4HANA? The main challenges include adapting employees to new interfaces and functionalities, in addition to the complexity of the migration process. Training and tools like Miglearning can help overcome these challenges.

What is Miglearning and how does it help to train employees? Miglearning is a tool developed by Mignow to train employees in the use of SAP. It offers regularly updated supporting materials and helps users interpret information effectively, increasing efficiency and independence.

What are the benefits of using the new SAP S/4HANA Fiori interface? SAP S/4HANA's new Fiori interface offers a more intuitive and visually pleasing user experience. It allows the centralization of processes, the creation of interactive graphics and the carrying out of tasks in a more simplified way.

How does Mignow use artificial intelligence to optimize the migration to SAP S/4HANA? Mignow uses artificial intelligence to identify errors and bugs in the client's system and propose automatic solutions. This reduces migration time and the need for manual intervention, increasing process efficiency.

Why is it important to keep SAP systems up to date? Keeping SAP systems up to date is crucial to ensuring access to the latest technological innovations, process optimizations and ongoing support. This allows the organization to remain competitive and aligned with best market practices.


Training employees in the use of SAP is essential for organizations to maximize the benefits of technological innovations and optimize their internal processes. Tools such as Miglearning are essential to ensure that users are well prepared to use the system's new features efficiently and effectively. By investing in employee training, companies not only increase productivity and reduce errors, but also ensure a competitive and sustainable future.

Transforming internal processes:
benefits of training employees in the use of
SAP for the organization