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How can Cloud adoption be synonymous with sustainability?

  • March 14, 2023
  • 5 minutes reading

We talk a lot about the practical benefits of Cloud for operations, but are we overlooking an equally important topic?

Cloud adoption is increasingly common among companies of all sizes and segments, and it's no wonder that this word appears in a large part of the content we see on social media today.

Current companies need to be concerned about their carbon footprint and migration to the cloud for several reasons. First, climate change is a growing concern worldwide, and companies are being pressured to reduce their carbon footprint.This includes the emission of greenhouse gases, which can be generated using local servers and data centers. By migrating to the cloud, companies can significantly reduce their carbon footprint, as cloud providers usually use more efficient and sustainable technologies to run their operations.

In addition, cloud migration can bring several benefits to companies, including cost reduction, greater flexibility and scalability, as well as improving the security, resilience, and efficiency of their operations. With the cloud, companies can reduce the amount of hardware and infrastructure needed to operate, which can lead to significant savings in energy and natural resources. Moreover, the cloud can allow companies to access and manage data more efficiently, which can lead to better decision-making and overall performance.

The Hybrid Cloud Report 2021, conducted by NTT Ltd., a global technology services company, already shows that 60% of organizations worldwide are using or testing the tool's features. And this trend is expected to expand, as cloud adoption offers significant advantages for companies, in addition to being an incredibly more sustainable option.

In this article, we will explore how cloud adoption can be a turning point in terms of performance and sustainability. 

General advantages of cloud adoption: 

Before explaining how cloud adoption through MIGNOW a competitive advantage can be, let's highlight some of the most common benefits that companies experience when migrating to the cloud:

  • Cost reduction: Cloud adoption can significantly reduce IT costs by eliminating the need to buy and maintain servers and other hardware equipment.
  • Remote access: With the cloud, companies can access their data and applications from anywhere, if they have an internet connection. 
  • Scalability: The cloud allows companies to easily increase or decrease storage and processing capacity according to their needs.
  • Greater security: Many cloud providers offer advanced security measures to protect data and applications from unauthorized users.

Sustainability on the rise!

Now that we understand the competitive advantages for companies, let's also see how this transition can help your company reduce its carbon footprint and become a new reality in terms of the overall economy.

  • Energy reduction: As MIGNOW allows companies to eliminate the need to buy and maintain servers and other hardware equipment, migrating to the cloud can help significantly reduce energy consumption.
  • Efficient resource use: MIGNOW helps companies use cloud resources efficiently, avoiding resource waste and reducing environmental impact.
  • Green scalability: The cloud allows companies to easily increase or decrease storage and processing capacity according to their needs. This means that companies can scale their operations without significantly increasing their carbon footprint.

And how can MIGNOW be a competitive advantage for companies looking to migrate to the cloud?

  • Automated conversion: MIGNOW is software that automates the migration process to the cloud, which means that companies can migrate their data and applications quickly and easily, without needing an entire dedicated IT team. 
  • Time and cost reduction: As a result of automated conversion, cloud migration using MIGNOW can be performed in significantly less time and at a lower cost than other cloud migration options. 
  • Easy integration: It can be easily integrated with useful business tools, allowing companies to make the most of the available cloud and updates. 
  • Expert support: MIGNOW provides specialized support, including training, to help companies make the most of their migration to the cloud and the benefits that this transition will offer.

In addition, cloud migration can also help companies reduce their energy consumption and improve their resource efficiency, contributing to a more sustainable future. If you haven't yet adopted the cloud, now is the ideal time to consider this idea, as the best option available on the market in terms of functionality and the environment.

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