[Webinar Santos Brasil] Conversion approaches: how to choose which wave to surf?

  • June 21, 2021
  • 3 minutes of reading

Cloud + S/4HANA Conversion: Case Santos Brasil
07/27 at 11am

Every company is unique and there is no migration path that fits every case, so decision makers around the world are busy and preparing to choose the optimal approach as SAP S/4HANA will replace the existing SAP systems in just a few years. For this reason it is not good to stay afloat, many companies may be left without support!

But are we going to make it a little easier?

It is necessary to define the conversion strategy to be adopted by moving your systems and data to the new platform as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible, and to do this, we need to understand a little more about each approach.

The aproach greenfield is the installation of a S/4HANA system from scratch.
The aproach brownfield consists of Automatic (software update and data transformation) from the complete and existing SAP ECC system to the S/4HANA system. The aproach bluefield it's the Alternative way, master and transaction data can be selected and used in the new system, while historical data is archived.

The answer we can anticipate is that each customer must choose the best approach based on their specific requirements.

In a practical way:

brownfield is the best approach for customers who want to leverage existing solutions, save historical data and quickly convert to S/4HANA, then gradually adopt the innovations enabled by SAP.

greenfield is for those who want to take advantage of S/4HANA to redefine their processes and implement a completely new solution, reducing the level of configuration.

bluefield it is the combination of Greenfield and Brownfield approaches; and leverages the values of the existing solution, but offers greater flexibility in defining the execution phase, allowing separate executions for different enterprise code and optimizing system downtime. 

The best answers on the topic of 'conversion' lie in the lessons learned through practical experiences, absorbing validated information from companies the size of Santos Brasil and Mignow, could be a valuable tool in the near future. Companies that approach migration in a planned and timely manner will greatly benefit from the platform S/4HANA, which not by chance bears the letter in its name “S” for “Simplicity”. A particularly fast, flexible and intuitive platform that takes us straight into the technological age.

Look at what André Marques from Santos Brasil told us.

“The estimated time for the project was much shorter than any other model available so far on the market. We were very pleased with the result, we were able to convert the production environment in a weekend by making the 100% S/4HANA environment available for use on Monday morning, with all processes running, all transparently for system users .”

And get ready!

In day 7/27 at 11am we will have one webinar exclusive with André, from Santos Brasil and with Guilherme Joventino COO of Mignow, to answer these and other questions based on the details of the Santos Brasil migration.

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