Whitepaper Biggest Secrets of an SAP Migration to the Cloud


[Whitepaper] The Biggest Secrets about SAP migration to the Cloud

  • November 16, 2021
  • 2 minutes of reading

If you've made it this far, it means you're interested in the topic of workload migration or SAP migration to the cloud, right? But do you already know what it takes to turn your cloud conversion process into a successful project?

It turns out that the “cloud” phenomenon was actually driven by important practical benefits. Think, for example, how much can you save by throwing away all the obligations that involve servers and physical spaces and replacing them with simple software? Or, how much time would your employees save by having easy, automated access to all kinds of information and records?

Basically, SAP migration to the cloud aims to automate and facilitate processes, some of the benefits include; IT cost reduction, scalability, business continuity, more efficient collaborations, flexibility of work practices and access to automatic updates. This means reducing the cost of system updates, reducing salaries for specialized labor, reducing energy consumption, reducing delays, automatic updates at no cost, increasing useful time for administration, protecting data and systems (regardless of disasters). natural resources, lack of energy or crises) and flexibility in general work practices.

Now imagine knowing the biggest secrets of a SAP migration to the cloud so as not to make mistakes and save a lot of time during this process?

Today is your lucky day!

We prepare a material especially for you, just register below to ensure all the necessary information for the success of your project:

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