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AS/4WEEK 2022 is comingšŸ”„

  • August 12, 2022
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We present S/4Week 2022, the biggest educational event celebrated by MIGNOW, which promises to bring together the biggest SAP speakers in Brazil for a full week of free, practical training, focusing on practical applications and simplified management models through S/4HANA offers for corporations.

S/4WEEK 2022

A universe of knowledge.
šŸ“… From 22/08 to 26/08 from 9am to 11:50am.

During five days you will see the multiple opportunities to optimize your company with SAP S/4HANA resources, and of course, stop having to struggle with your obsolete SAP.

will be 14 top-notch speakers available to solve the biggest operational challenges of the past and without blah blah blah!

  • Discover the greatest practical insights about S/4HANA to transform your company's reality.
  • Valuable information for corporations that want to make a leap in technology, efficiency and operational cost reduction.
  • Unique opportunity to discover essential information to gain a panoramic view of the current SAP market and jump ahead of the competition.

Who is this Webinar for?

For all companies that have already realized that they need updates and want to learn about SAP S/4HANA's technology and innovation offerings to ensure a leap in efficiency in their operations. 

Everyone can participate!

Is the S/4WEEK event free?

Yes, it's completely free.

Are there prerequisites to participate?

Yes, an open mind to big changes and a great desire to learn about the infinite possibilities that S/4HANA offers.

I'm starting from scratch, can I participate in S/4WEEK 2022?

For sure!

The event was developed to cover topics ranging from basic to advanced and with many practical insights, making the content lighter and easier to absorb.Ā 

How long does it take to finish the Webinar?

There will be 5 days of content and the time for each day will be 9am to 11:50am.

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