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Why has MIGNOW become the favorite of SAP users?

  • 6 de June de 2023
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Mignow appeared in Exame magazine on May 31, 2023 with an article about innovation in the market and for SAP users. Check out the full article below.

MIGNOW arose from a doubt: would market consultancies be able to carry out migration projects from the SAP ECC for the SAP S/4HANA – fourth generation of SAP ERP – by 2027 or 2030, deadlines for the end of Enterprise Support?

The answer came in the form of software developed by the team at MIGNOW and who uses the Artificial intelligence to make automatic updates. To arrive at the solution, the team immersed itself in Silicon Valley with the greatest software engineers in the world. Afterwards, he left for Canada, birthplace of neural networks It's from deep learning, to delve deeper into the processes. Result: today, in addition to large clients such as Nike, GPA, Pague Menos, XP and Carrefour, MIGNOW became one of the first software programs in the world capable of analyzing companies' databases and carrying out automatic conversion of the SAP ECC for the SAP S/4HANA.

SAP Recognition

In fact, the migration carried out by MIGNOW for the Carrefour in a record time of three months (the market average is around a year), it earned him the SAP Innovation Awards in the “Digital Transformation on Rise with SAP” category. The awards honor and celebrate the achievements of forward-thinking companies and individuals who have harnessed the power of SAP's latest products and technologies to revolutionize industries, help the world run better and improve people's lives.

In the case of the retailer, which has more than 70 thousand employees and 498 stores across the country, digital transformation using Rise With SAP guaranteed reduction in system operating costs in 30% (using SAP BTP); 45% less power consumption through cloud hosting, plus increased productivity for SAP users by up to 64% with new Fiori interfaces – easier to use than previous SAP UIs.

“Within three and a half months we were able to successfully move our SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA and begin our improvements to our operations. With SAP S/4HANA we are able to deliver and improve several new functionalities and new technologies for our business.” Carrefour, comments Paulo Henrique Farroco, CIO of Carrefour Brasil.

The migration challenge

MIGNOW pleased the market for several reasons, including the fact that it promoted in a simplified way a type of migration that previously involved specialized labor, required time, and generated costs.

According to MIGNOW, the technology does the work of at least ten people, and makes execution up to five times faster, with 100% delivery accuracy.

“It is extraordinary to help companies with Carrefour in their digital transformation process, in which through our innovation we guarantee SAP S/4HANA updates always to the latest version made available by SAP. This process of continuous updating is the true 'open doors' of innovation for customers”, concludes Guilherme Joventino, co-founder of MIGNOW.


With the new MIGNOW software, approximately 80% of the migration process stops being manual and becomes automated.


It is the first software capable of analyzing the customer database and carrying out a fully automatic conversion, using Artificial Intelligence tools.


Automatically performs SAP S/4HANA updates. The user gains new functionalities, agility, improved process execution and a better return on the investment made in the ERP.


Performs a series of validations in the SAP ECC environment to predict problems in future conversion, mitigating risks and reducing conversion time.

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