Safra migrates to S/4 Hana with Mignow


Safra migrates to S/4 Hana with Mignow

  • April 18, 2024
  • 2 minutes of reading

Bank used software released in 2011 before the 10-month implementation.

Banco Safra migrated to S/4 Hana, the latest version of SAP management software running in the cloud, in a project led by Mignow, specialized in automating migration processes.

The project, which lasted 10 months, was carried out through Rise with SAP, the multinational's initiative to accelerate customers' migration to the cloud. Previously, the company used 6.0 EHP5, also from SAP, but launched in 2011.

The transition covered financial modules from SAP, such as FI, responsible for accounting, and technical applications also from the German multinational, such as ABAP, based on Hana and which serves as a development environment and runtime for cloud applications. 

The conversion methodology adopted was Brownfield, a hybrid model that makes the necessary changes while maintaining the desired data. 

According to Safra, the update was crucial for operational efficiency and preparation for the company's future growth. Furthermore, the project provided more advanced analytical resources that contributed to greater agility in decision making.

The bank also highlights that the platform is more modern, enabling real-time analysis and advanced reports.

Present in 27 countries, Banco Safra belongs to a family that has been operating in the financial market for over 180 years.

Operating in the individual and legal entity segments, the financial institution has 34 thousand employees worldwide, net worth of R$ 16 billion, total assets of R$ 268 billion and raised and managed resources of R$ 31 billion.

Created in 2019, Mignow claims annual growth of 300%. Among its clients are names such as XP, GPA, Localiza, Piracanjuba, Assaí, Pague Menos, Locaweb and Nike.

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Safra migrates to S/4 Hana with Mignow


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