The main consequences of the lack of systemic vision in your company’s operations.

  • February 8, 2022
  • 3 minutes of reading

The impacts can be noticed from the leadership to the cash of corporations. Understand how to use SAP S/4HANA to your advantage to solve this failure.

What is this “systems view”, how does it relate to S/4HANA and my corporation?

Systemic view is basically a macro view, being able to see and understand the whole through the analysis of the parts that form it. Through it, it’s possible to identify each step of the processes, how they develop, how the sectors are integrated, how the production and delivery of products and services to the consumer and the market is, and most importantly, how to solve small difficulties that were not seen before. . Without this general perspective, problems can happen without the possibility of anticipation on the part of the leadership.

In order for decisions to be taken with maximum control and assertiveness, it’s necessary to know the company in it’s details: the departments, what are the functions, responsibilities and how the working professionals carry out their tasks. It’s also possible to study the goals and objectives of each department and look for practical details that may hinder the development of these projects. This will help to understand where the company is, where it wants to go and which departments and stages are more aligned or misaligned with this mission.

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Knowing this, what are the symptoms of a company that doesn’t have a systemic vision?

See just a few examples below:

  • Wrong or late decision making.
  • Unnecessary costs in operations.
  • Processes for approval stopped.
  • Waste of time for professionals performing repetitive or even non-functional processes.
  • Cases of delays and fines on payments.
  • Disorganized deliveries, with high cost and failures.
  • Lack of control and vision of problems in products and services such as: Defective products, poorly performed services.
  • Stop using cross sell strategy due to lack of information.
  • Information that is always out of date and/or delayed.

And how do we solve this in practice?

SAP S/4HANA is an intelligent ERP that helps the systemic vision to happen without difficulties, it’s a tool capable of controlling and organizing all information, integrating and managing data in a strategic way, so that they can become inputs for safe decisions.

The SAP system offers a broad and integrated view of the business, allowing an exact understanding of the distribution of resources in the different sectors, as well as each internal process of the company, helping managers to direct efforts, investments and improvements.

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This solution consists of a set of tools, which together generate unique data on all areas of a company. In practice, each sector gains its own management system, thanks to the implementation of the best market practices, according to the needs of each department. At the same time, the data generated by each service is integrated, creating true business intelligence.

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