Is it really complex to migrate to S/4HANA?


Is it really complex to migrate to S/4HANA?

  • 9 de February de 2023
  • 5 minutes reading

Are there questions about what S/4HANA is able to do for you or how to smooth out your conversion project? The world has changed, the update too!

Are there questions about what S/4HANA is able to do for you or how to smooth out your conversion project? The world has changed, the update too! 

First we will start with the most obvious, what are the main reasons to migrate? Do you really know the motivations that drive executives to opt for S/4HANA? The following are the main motivations that lead to this decision-making: quais são as principais razões para migrar para o S/4HANA? Você realmente conhece as motivações que levam os executivos a optarem pelo S/4HANA? A seguir listamos as principais motivações que levam à essa tomada de decisão:

  • Improved performance: SAP S/4HANA offers better performance and processing speed compared to SAP ECC.
  • User experience: SAP S/4HANA offers a more intuitive and easy-to-use user interface. 
  • Integration with other SAP solutions: o SAP S/4HANA é parte da plataforma SAP HANA, que permite integração com outras soluções da SAP, como o SAP Fiori
  • Analytics capability: SAP S/4HANA offers better data analysis capabilities, such as SAP HANA, that enables faster and more efficient data analysis. 
  • Flexibility: SAP S/4HANA is more flexible and scalable compared to SAP ECC, making it easy to adapt to business changes. 

E se já ficou claro que a migração é um passo necessário para a acompanhar a competitividade, e uma vez que o suporte empresarial para o ECC irá acabar em 2027, what are the biggest blockages preventing such decision-making?  Are they really as big as the market imagines? 

I estimate spending a lot

And if I say it will spend 5x less than expected on traditional projects? 

Não vemos valor suficiente para migrar para o S/4HANA agora

When you decide to migrate will there be enough manpower in the market to do so? As we quote above, probably not, and if any it will be significantly costly given the unbalanced demand x supply ratio of the present and future market.  

Iremos migrar para o S/4HANA em 2030

Want to spend on maintenance costs that cannot be used? In this mode you spend 2% of the value of the maintenance base and have no return. Literally paying to keep your ECC obsolete, awaiting a change that will be needed in any scenario is not a solution that aims to leverage resources.

We don't have the necessary planning.

Mignow carries out your migration planning for free. 

We believe this is an expensive solution for the moment.

We believe this is an expensive solution for the moment.

I worry about the Z's, will they work well?

If the question is whether Z's objects are lost, or cease to exist we respond clearly: Nara will happen to Z's objects. They continue to exist in the converted environment. 

We're going to have to stay off for a long time. 

Everything will depend on the size of your environment, today we managed to make some predictions according to what we have already delivered. An average of two days. We can use SAP NZDT. 

The project completion period is long. 

Com o software MIGNOW nós reduzimos o tempo de projeto e temos uma média de 4 meses em Brownfield (com base nos projetos já realizados). 

What are the guarantees that it will work? 

We are the company that has made the most conversions in the world, that's your biggest guarantee.

I don't know what the best migration methodology is (Brownfield vs. Greenfield vs. Bluefield).

  • Greenfield: The client decides to make an implementation from scratch, that is, completely restructure their environment.
  • Brownfield: We load all settings, customizations, transactional data, that is, the entire history and migrate to the new environment (system). 

See more at: 

We will analyze the scenario and present the best personalized proposal for your case. 

Quer saber mais sobre a migração para o S/4HANA? Entre em contato com o nosso time de vendas. 

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