Discover Rise with SAP!


Discover Rise with SAP!

  • 28 de April de 2022
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We see a lot of confusion when it comes to 'RISE with SAP', that's why we decided to help you demystify the topic and explore the details that most of the market still doesn't know. After all, is RISE a new product or a service? Is it developed for customers, SAP partners? What is needed to use this new feature?

RISE with SAP is a new go-to-market offering announced by SAP. This literally means that it is an additional SAP unit for the cloud, a subscription service offering that combines a set of products and services. Like a package! And its main component is the S/4HANA Cloud, which allows customers' cloud infrastructures to run in an SAP data center or with a hyperscaler.

Now yes? If you still don't understand, let's explain better!

SAP RISE é uma resposta direta a um dos maiores desafios de negócios do nosso tempo: a constante aceleração das mudanças em todas as áreas do mercado – e a necessidade das empresas serem capazes de acompanhá-las. Acontecimentos recentes deixaram claro que a rápida adaptabilidade digital e a resiliência estão entre as vantagens competitivas mais importantes das empresas que desejam acompanhar essas mudanças sem sofrimentos.

Following this trend (and more than that, this big problem), the Rise with SAP offer will be largely responsible for the acceleration of Digital Transformation in companies.

So pay attention, this part here is very interesting: Marketed in the SaaS model (Cloud subscription), the scope of RISE with SAP is an offer that brings together the resources and services you need to transform your business into an intelligent company, regardless of the starting point or complexity.

In addition to ERP, this offering also brings process redesign, integration with other solutions via the SAP Business Technology Platform and access to the SAP Business Network, the world's largest business network that facilitates the creation of dynamic digital connections with trading partners and assets. The offering also includes service level management, operations and support.

The solution stands out for its built-in intelligent technologies, including AI, Machine Learning and advanced analytics. It helps companies adopt new business models, quickly manage change, and orchestrate internal and external resources.

Commercially it is a game changer, pois os clientes obtêm muitos serviços, como edições em nuvem, plataformas de tecnologia de negócios e redes de negócios em um único serviço por assinatura. Além disso, para todos os clientes com SAP Enterprise Support, as edições em nuvem obtêm acesso ao CALM (SAP Cloud Application Lifecycle Management) na nuvem pública e sem custo de manutenção e operações. Além disso, também pode ajudar a economizar custos de manutenção para clientes que ainda usam ECC.

The package offers five key components for customers to build a Smart Enterprise.

  • S/4 HANA Cloud Editions
  • Tools and Services for Technical Migration
  • SAP Business Technology Platform Business
  • Intelligence Process
  • SAP Business Network Starter Pack

How does RISE with SAP help customers?

RISE with SAP helps customers prepare for S/4 HANA and eventually provides the path to becoming Smart Enterprises. In this process, there are three steps in business transformation:

  • Business Process Redesign
    RISE with SAP provides the tools for this.
  • Technical migration
    From a technical perspective, RISE with SAP helps customers move from where they are today to where they want to go tomorrow.
  • Building a Smart Enterprise
    Eventually, as customers will have to move to a Smart Enterprise, RISE with SAP will help them get there.

And to leverage these capabilities for your business, you'll basically need three things:

  • A technology offering that supports efficient business processes.
  • A cloud provider that lets you flexibly scale your business.
  • A reliable partner that assists in the migration process, in the case of MIGNOW, in a fully automated way!

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