• Client Galler
  • Conversion Time 2.5 months.


Galler is a traditional and independent chocolate factory.

Founded by Jean Galler in 1976 in Liège-Belgium, Galler is a traditional and independent chocolate factory, supported by more than 170 enthusiasts in the field. Recognized for the high quality of the chocolate produced, mainly for supermarkets, own stores and exports, they took advantage of the expansion moment to make the conversion to S / 4 HANA.

On the path to “a transformation at all levels, changing paradigms from the 20th century to the 21st century”, Galler opted for Mignow because they want to “get the best out of SAP functionality, redesign business processes and use technology to help change and support the new business vision, ”says Salvatore Iannello, CEO of Galler Group.


Dynamic and Responsive!

Galler adopted the new SAP S / 4 Hana through Mignow Artificial Intelligence Software, in a conversion that lasted only two and a half months, quickly and safely. "This change helped to transform the current passive and fixed management control into dynamic and responsive management."

The partnership between Galler and Mignow occurred because through the automated process, the productivity is much higher than the conventional processes, in addition to the SAP qualifications that guarantee the customer a high level execution in the conversions.

According to Salvatore, “Our business transformation journey is underway. S / 4 HANA will drive the organization's technological core and help us achieve our future goals and objectives ”.

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