Case Carrefour Mignow


  • Client Carrefour
  • SAP modules FI-GL, FI-AR, FI-AP, FI-BL, FI-AA, CO, CM, MM, SD, RE, PS, FM
  • Conversion Time 3.5 months


In just three months, the group completed a conversion project to S/4HANA that supports the operations of more than 498 stores in 26 Brazilian states.

With innovative DNA and increasingly focused on digital transformation, the Carrefour Group was born with the purpose of bringing the latest, with efficiency, economy, discipline, quality, agility and creating a better quality of life for all customers around the world. around the world. With more than 70 thousand employees, it is the largest food retail group in Brazil, serving more than 498 stores in the country. In line with this philosophy, the group updated its operations to SAP S/4HANA using the MIGNOW software.

“With market leadership, we want to work together with our suppliers, consumers and society to create practices that can improve people’s quality of life and the sustainability of the planet.” Carrefour.

And MIGNOW is now part of this mission!

“It is extraordinary to help Carrefour in its Digital Transformation process, in which through our innovation we guarantee SAP S/4HANA updates always to the latest version made available by SAP. This process of continuous updating is the true 'open doors' of innovation for customers”, concludes Guilherme Joventino, co-founder of Mignow.

Case Carrefour Mignow SAP


Highly complex project was completed in a record time of three and a half months.

With the implementation, Carrefour gained new features, agility and improvements in the execution of the company's processes. With the new ERP, the retailer controls assets and office materials, in addition to the number of sales made, with the possibility of cross-referencing relevant information in the Cloud.

“With SAP S/4Hana we carry out accounting and receive input from the sales processed to generate invoices for our MarketPlace partners. This feature provides recommendations based on historical data for a given company.”, comments Paulo Henrique Farroco, CIO of Carrefour Brasil

And beyond that, “The implementation brought more reliability and greater support to Carrefour’s volumes, as well as modernization of the back office environment. Furthermore, the system prepares Carrefour for future growth through the Rise with SAP offering.”, adds Jackson Borges, vice president of Strategic Industries at SAP Brazil.

Another GIANT and successful project for the MIGNOW account. Case that secured the great honor of the SAP INNOVATION AWARDS 2022 for the account!

MIGNOW SAP Innovation Awards 2022

SAP Innovation Awards 2022

The SAP Innovation Awards is an award from SAP that honors the achievements of forward-thinking companies and individuals who have harnessed the power of SAP's latest products and technologies to revolutionize industries, help the world run better, and improve people's lives.

The judges selected the 25 winners among hundreds of inspiring stories of innovation and among major market players, and among all these incredible participants MIGNOW WON THE CATEGORY “Digital Transformation on Rise with SAP'' through the Carrefour case.

But what did we do that was so incredible to win this coveted award? Basically the complete digital transformation of the largest retailer in Brazil, as seen above, using Rise With SAP resources, which as a consequence guaranteed:

  • Reduction of system running costs by 30% (using SAP BTP).
  • Carrefour's energy consumption reduction by 45% through cloud hosting.
  • In addition to increasing end-user productivity by up to 64% with the new Fiori interfaces.

Result obtained:

The new ERP encompasses all of Carrefour's processes, from origination, risk management and logistics, through back office processes (financial, accounting and tax) to operational processes. In addition, the migration opens the possibility of forecasting for stores, on the quantity (increase or decrease) of purchase of products. With more robustness and faster analysis of sales orders through SAP S/4HANA, the retailer anticipates an increase in the company's profitability.

“Within 3.5 months we were able to successfully move our SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA and begin our improvements to our operations. With SAP S/4HANA we are able to deliver and improve several new functionalities and new technologies for our business.” Carrefour.

In addition, the benefits package can be scaled by segments, as shown below.

Business or Social

  • Increase in sales and buyer engagement with personalized offers, after building a recommendation engine.
  • Reduction in energy consumption by 45%, migrating from local data centers for the cloud.
  •  Reduced service disruption for buyers or employees, with migration between on-premises applications.


  • By migrating to Google Cloud, we were able to reduce operating costs by 30%.
  • Acceleration of launch processes, new technologies and processes.

Human Empowerment 

  • Increased productivity
    Fiori interfaces are easier to use than previous SAP UIs, so they enable more productive work. With simpler menus and tiles, as well as fewer clicks, Fiori can generate a reduction in time spent on tasks of up to 64%.
  • More intuitive workflow
    UIs designed by Fiori's feature business logic instead of SAP logic. This makes them more intuitive for the vast majority of information workers
  • Improved mobility
    With its mouse and keyboard structure, SAP GUI was not suitable for the mobile form. Switching to Fiori offers benefits to employees' cell phones. Fiori's simple interface allows users to work with touchscreens. Consistent UI behavior and design provides a similar experience regardless of device. Gaining substantial time in the activities carried out.

Furthermore, we also obtained as a result:

  • 40% Reduction of operating costs. 
  • 5x More speed to deploy new functionality. 
  • 30% More agility to enable the end user. 

“By moving to the cloud, we were able to reduce our operating costs by 30%, and this is just the beginning. As we continue to implement best practices and adapt our operations to the cloud, we will be able to further reduce our costs in the future.” Carrefour.

Carrefour flew high alongside Mignow, the partnership was essential to guarantee the expected deadline and cost. We are grateful to everyone who made this project a SUCCESS and who helped us make winning the SAP Innovation Awards possible.

Below is the link to the winners of all categories on the SAP website:

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