Pague Menos

  • Client Pague Menos
  • SAP modules MM, SD, FI, AA, CO, PM, LP and all Fiores
  • Conversion Time Four months.

Case Pay Less & MIGNOW


The Project was delivered in just 4 months! (GO MIG!)

“The use of this tool allowed us to anticipate and solve possible problems, combined with a strong methodology that provided us with efficiency and optimization of resources”, observes Joaquim.

“Another feature of Mignow's execution model is the assertive distribution of tasks, facilitating the work of everyone involved”, says Rômulo.

Implemented in parallel in the areas of finance, procurement and administration, the migration from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HAHA was intended to be the foundation for future innovations that are in the plans of Pague Menos, however, its benefits have already arrived.

“Everything was done in the ideal timing for the migration to take place successfully and in total safety. The results show up in faster information processing and query reporting, as well as in the integration with BI tools”, observes Eduardo Dias, financial director of Pague Menos.

Accessibility and scalability are identified by Pague Menos as strengths of SAP S/4HANA.

These characteristics are in line with the company's objectives, which continually invests in omnichannel, promoting complete integration between physical stores, website, app, marketplace, telesales, content platform and partners, intensifying the strong synergy existing between all Hub's products and services Health Care Pay Less.

Pague Menos has more than 20 thousand employees!

“To live fully” is the purpose of Pague Menos!

In 39 years in the market, the brand proposes to bring citizenship and better prices throughout Brazil. The Pague Menos Pharmacy Network is the only pharmaceutical retailer present in all Brazilian states since 2009, it has more than 1,100 stores, 820 Clinic Farma units and more than 20 thousand employees. I could understand the size, right?!

Rômulo Holanda and Joaquim Garcia spoke about the details that made this BIG project a reference case for Mignow.

“In December 2020, the Company was looking to consolidate its ERP and for that it was decided to invest in the SAP migration so that we could use the new functionalities that are available in S/4HANA” says Rômulo Holanda, IT manager at Pague Menos.

Joaquim Garcia, vice president of IT & Network Transformation, highlighted the use of Mignow as one of the key factors for the project – which, due to its size and complexity, would normally take up to 16 months – to be completed in just 4 months.


In the assessment of Paulo Secco, CEO Mignow, one of the main challenges of the implementation at Pague Menos was the huge amount of variables involved, since the chain is present in all states of the federation and DF, with more than 1,100 stores. On the other hand, the strong engagement of the teams, starting with the C-level, made everything easier and more fluid. “We noticed that the teams understood the importance of the project and were committed and motivated so that everything worked out. That was a big difference”, he says.


Pague Menos flew high alongside Mignow, a partnership was essential for the success and innovation of this new phase of the network!

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